Radio 4 in the Fog

January 30, 2010

Just a quick thought on electric cars and noise.  I am listening to a great podcast “An aside with Joe” on Sidepodcast.com.  Joe Seward, a brilliantly well informed F1 journo, has been discussing a possible electric car race in Paris in 2010 and talked about the need to add sound effects to electric cars as people do not see them and get knocked over.  All very funny idea but its true.

A week or so ago I took the dog out for an early evening walk.  Its dark and foggy and we were wandering through our unlit village to be met by one of the strangest sights of my life.

Drifting through the fog were 2 bright lights and Radio 4.  A very strange and mysterious UFO for rural Wiltshire.  The truth was that this was a Prius on battery power. Not a sound other than the radio, no visual warning as the fog hid the car behind the lights.

So I feel noise is a good thing.  Nominations please.  I reckon Lakme by Delibes would be brilliant.  The sound of that coming through the fog would have spooked both me and the dog.


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