What’s winding me up this week.

February 27, 2010


Oh shit, a whole week and I am not cross about anything.

That cannot be right?

If anything it’s the opposite, and a great opposite at that.  I am both happy to be around, lots of laughs and really impressed by the talent that I know.

Gosh there are so many clever and talented people in the world.

Okay here is the rant.  If these talented people create great businesses, develop killer strategies, conduct complex ensembles of multi disciplinary groups to make the most fantastic sense then why can we not make progress on the big issues, climate change, access to education, poverty, democracy, the usual list of stuff?

This week I read somewhere, I think in a work of fiction, the line:

“if Islam is such a great idea why cannot it embrace democracy in a recognisable format?”

That should get people thinking, it did me.  I apply my usual woolly liberal thinking that says that there are many version of democracy, everyone has aright to a voice, its not just about what we in the Christian west think, and on and on.

I have to say that I have not found an answer, there appears be a huge amount of contradiction in everything I read.  I am sure there are many, in fact I know there are many, fundamentalist Christians who have problems with free speech and free actions, actually there are many liberals who rotated the few extra degrees round to authoritarianism when they see flagrant indifference (!) to their lifestyle views.

So how do we move forward.  I have no idea but we must keep plugging away at the issues and find a solution.

I am typing this in the foyer of The Engine Group, surround by the members of some sort of youth forum. They are all of a buzz to be meeting in a funky place to debate the issues of their lives with some talented people. It reminds me of the buzz I found in a Channel Four debate in the basement screening room where they wanted to find out what young and young at heart people wanted from their media rich lives.

Loads of energy, wanting and waiting to be asked to contribute, struggling with all the hurdles the pragmatist , experience heads around theme placed in the way of the “why can’t we do that?” moments in their version of the future.

These people have the solutions and we must find away to make them real.  Generally the people with the ideas don’t have the money to make them live.  That’s our job.  Back the talent, open the door and our minds.

Get on and change.


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