A Smithsonian of Ballpoint Pens

January 3, 2011

Having just spent a hour or so cleaning under my daughters bed (a bi-termly task I appear to have acquired in the domestic planned maintenance schedule) I have cause to wonder on the collective noun for a Biros.  I have no idea why they appear to want to accumulate so many of these writing instruments, trophies I assume.  There is a selection of secret diaries and woodlouse homes to keep the pens company, a couple of sweet wrappers, one slipper, odd socks and endless reading books but its the pens that make me wonder.  The range, age and style is sufficient to populate a large museum, hence my title suggestion.  If not this then every member of the Chinese population is missing at least one scribing tool.  Six and eight year olds continue to both amaze and baffle me in equal measure

Suggestions welcome here.

Have a happy and tidy 2011


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